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Science: Imitation is one of the most important ways people connect with each other and a crucial method of communication.
Science: Autistic people engage in imitative behaviors.
Science: Autistic people do not want to connect or communicate with other people.
Autistic people: What?



groot is probs assumed to be male but tbh i figure groot is a lil genderless being. who needs the gender binary when you’re a celestial tree creature. riddle me that.

"Are you a boy, or a girl?"
"I am Groot."


hello! this is my giveaway celebrating having 500 followers.


  • you must be autistic
  • you must be okay with giving me your address to send the prize if you win.
  • reblogs and likes count as an entry!
  • you don’t have to be following me to enter but it would be cool if you did. 
  • if you are not autistic and want to reblog this post to signal boost it please reblog with “signal boost” in the comments or tags.

First place:
A choice of either a fuzzy tangle (is a velvety texture) or a lumpy tangle (has plastic bumps on it). if you don’t like the textures of either of these you can also choose one of the plain plastic ones.

Second place:

A choice of a plain tangle in either red black (i have this one) or blue.

Giveaway will end on 18th September 2014 and i will be using to pick the winners.


So someone suggested I post a more informative post about Pumpkin Online
so when they reblog it has all the important information. So here are some things taken from the Kickstarter. Feel free to reblog this post as well.

Pumpkin-Online is a farming/dating sim MMORPG, wildly…

I'm really confused about what defines a romantic relationship, or actually, what the distinction is between a romantic relationship and a queerplatonic relationship. I've been trying to look this up for a while now and every definition I get still confuses me. :/


Regarding definition of romantic, I would say it’s something that varies a lot with culture and I would say it’s less important to figure out what it means on a grand global scale and more what it means for you personally. For me, kissing is a romantic-exclusive thing and not something I desire at all, but it’s not for everyone in every culture, particularly in ones where it’s normal to kiss your friends or family. Think of the romantic relationships in your life and figure out what you think unites them all, and whether you want or don’t want that.

Regarding queerplatonic - queerplatonic varies a lot from person to person and relationship to relationship, but the definition is that it’s something that’s outside of, different than, or a combination of romantic/platonic. So the feelings might be similar, but aren’t the same - generally there isn’t limerence in queerplatonic relationships, for example, and there aren’t the same expectations. A good example of this would be a John Watson/Sherlock Holmes type of relationship - it’s a partnership for sure, but it’s not a romantic one (at least, not in canon).


I would like to bring up an important point right now.

Autistics are literally forced to learn NT social skills, communication, and body language. Otherwise we will be openly discriminated against and mistreated. I was bullied so extensively when I was young that I cried…


Petition to stop using “more than a friend” to describe romantic partners


I’m gonna print a bunch of these out and give one to every cake in the shop.

My sister: I hate it when you can't work other people's stuff, like their TV, or the shower. The shower's the worst because you're naked!



definition: an orientation that seems to revolve around one person in particular


an exception to one’s orientation, ie, someone who identifies as homosexual/homoromantic feeling attraction to someone of a different gender. in that case, it would be borearomantic/sexual towards someone.

comes from the latin root borea meaning north.

coined by: anonymous

That sounds like a pretty word.